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If you know you need to have a tooth or multiple teeth extracted, you’re likely dreading the appointment. The thought of losing teeth is stressful and you don’t want to lose the look of your smile. Shouldn’t there be an easier way to get your smile back after a tooth extraction? We have great news! Ridge preservation from Bethany Heights Dental Care, in Allen, TX, is a dental service that restores your beautiful smile in a few short months after you’ve had a tooth removed!


If a tooth is lost or removed, the socket almost immediately begins to close in, causing a dip in the gums and bone. This often means there will be a noticeable indentation where the tooth once was and there may not be enough bone present to place a dental implant. Restoring and regenerating bone from lost teeth and regaining your smile can take months — or even years.


With ridge preservation, our expert team at Bethany Heights Dental Care, in Allen, TX, can save you time and money by placing a specialized bone-grafting product in the socket immediately after tooth extraction. This product is designed to build and regrow bone in the socket and prepare the area for an implant. Luckily, ridge preservation is minimally invasive and will provide enough bone to place a dental implant in only three to five months.

Put your mind at ease as you let our team at Bethany Heights Dental Care, in Allen, TX, help you determine a treatment plan that is right for you. With ridge preservation, we will get you smiling with confidence in no time. We are here for you!

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