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Do you suffer from frequent headaches? An occlusal adjustment is one of our many dental services that may help. Don’t suffer, call Bethany Heights Dental Care, in Allen, TX today.

Many patients are surprised to discover that the headaches they are experiencing are due to their bite not quite lining up as it should. When there are interferences with your bite, other side effects may also result. Instead of headaches, you may feel discomfort or jaw pain, experience grinding of teeth or excessive force when eating, or suffer from TMJ disorder. Most people don’t realize that all of these can be connected to this treatable condition.


These aches, pains, and general discomforts can negatively affect your overall well being. But it shouldn’t be this way! You can find relief from your discomfort with an occlusal adjustment.

When you call to schedule a consultation at Bethany Heights Dental Care, in Allen, TX, our dental team will carefully examine and observe the way your teeth come together. If we notice areas of concern, your doctor will gently grind and shape your teeth in order to adjust the way you bite down. With the adjustment, you can expect to experience the relief of a properly aligned bite.


Don’t put up with aches and pains in your head, neck, or jaw any longer. Our skilled team will be able to determine if occlusal adjustment may be an appropriate dental service for the discomfort you are experiencing. We will help to fix your bite and get you back to feeling your best!

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