Guided Tissue Bone Regeneration

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Do you fear loss of teeth because of severely diseased gums? You don’t have to! Thanks to guided tissue bone regeneration, patients can restore lost bone and oral function and improve their quality of life.

At Bethany Heights Dental Care, in Allen, TX we use simple and fast techniques to regrow lost bone and provide support for dental implants. That means, in just a few months’ time, you can have new bone that’s ready for the placement of your implants.


Guided tissue bone regeneration helps the body to restore lost bone by repairing the damage done by periodontal disease. It means that you’ll not only be able to replace missing teeth but also increase the chances of keeping your natural teeth!

Thankfully, in many cases, we don’t have to remove bone from another part of your body. Our skilled team at Bethany Heights Dental Care, in Allen, TX offers many options for your bone regrowth, including membrane barriers, tissue stimulating proteins, and bioactive growth factor gels.

Occasionally, bone grafting procedures are required. When that’s the case, bone grafts can be from your own bone, tissue banks, or synthetic materials. The goal of each of these treatment options is to stimulate the body to grow new bone or to hold the space for the bone to regenerate.

You shouldn’t have to live with the uncomfortable effects of oral bone loss. Guided tissue bone regeneration may be the solution to restore the function of your teeth and improve your quality of life. Simply schedule a consultation with us so we can explore what dental services will work best for you. Then, we’ll implement our plan to restore your smile.

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