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Bone deterioration caused by severe gum disease or infection used to mean the loss of permanent teeth and normal function. Many patients do not realize that this bone material can be restored in the jaw. Thanks to bone grafting technology and skillful dentists like ours at Bethany Heights Dental Care, in Allen, TX, patients can restore lost bone support and improve their quality of life. Restore your smile and maintain a healthy jaw with our dental services!

Bone grafting has many benefits: 

Preventing tooth loss – A loose tooth could be made more stable with a minor bone grafting procedure.
Preventing bone resorption – After tooth extraction, your dentist places a bone graft in the extraction site to prevent bone loss in the future.
Strengthening dental implants – When replacing lost teeth with dental implants, a bone graft may be necessary for support where bone loss has occurred.
Replacing lost bone material in the jaw.

Bone grafting sounds intimidating to many people. But be assured, we’ll go above and beyond to make your experience easy and efficient. 

When you trust our team with your dental needs, we’ll do a thorough evaluation to determine if bone grafting is the right plan for you. You shouldn’t have to live with the uncomfortable effects of oral bone loss. We have the solution to restore the function of your teeth and improve your quality of life.

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Here’s how the process works:

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Schedule an appointment.

We understand how hectic life can be and work to schedule considerately around your commitments.

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Experience stress-free treatment.

You can count on our team to prioritize your comfort and make your visit as pleasant as possible.

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Celebrate a healthy smile.

Knowing your oral health is taken care of, you can eat and smile with total confidence!

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Getting your teeth cared for doesn’t have to be as stressful of an event as you might think. At Bethany Heights Dental Care in Allen, TX, you’ll find your experience to be so enjoyable we think you’ll look forward to coming back. We know life can be busy, so we offer a wide variety of services in one place for your convenience and provide efficient treatment so you aren’t kept waiting. Our staff warmly welcomes you and treats every person who walks through our doors (old and young!) with respect. We offer gentle treatment, kind and comfortable care, and plenty of options for busy families. Because trips to the dentist should be easy!

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